Dry Cargo Loading and Unloading Procedures

Barge Safety Rules
1. Be certain barges are securely moored to your dock. 1. Always wear a life jacket correctly when on a barge.
2. Tie mooring lines only on proper deck fittings.2. Keep barge decks clear of material, equipment and debris.
3. DO NOT run cables over the tops of covers
and DO NOT tie cables to covers or coamings.
3. Be sure that manhole covers are seated properly, and, when covers are missing, guard openings. Do not step on manhole covers.
4. Be sure moored barges are properly lit at night. 4. When carrying material and equipment on barge decks, always carry it on side away from the hatches.
5. Check barges completely for leaks prior to loading or unloading. Pump out water if necessary.5. Never stand on hatch covers while they are being moved.
6. Never load a leaking barge.6. Keep hands in the clear while moving hatch covers.
7. Do not place heavy weights on covers, such as clamshells.7. Always secure covers with dogs, chains, hooks, or cables to prevent them from moving due to changes in the angle of the barge during loading or unloading.
8. Open and close roll covers with a center line pull, using a bridle if necessary.8. Always wear fall protection when opening and closing grain doors.
9. Make sure covers are closed, seated properly, and locked after loading or unloading.
10. Sweep covers and decks after loading or unloading.
11. Report any damage to the CCI Minneapolis Office.

Your cooperation in the above will enable us to give you better service.

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